See you in December when iSport Winter Cup 2023/2024 starts!

iSport Winter Cup is the first football tournament in Southern Estonia that takes place in an indoor football hall.

Let’s make this iSport Winter Cup a special one!

Age groups

Dates 2023/2024 Age group Players Duration Ball size Offside
02.12-03.12.2023Boys 2010 B11vs112×17 min5Yes
09.12-10.12.2023Boys 2011 B11vs112×17 min4Yes
16.12.2023Girls 20137vs72×12 min3No
13.01.2024Boys 2015 A&B7vs72×12 min3No
14.01.2024Boys 2016 A&B5vs51×25 min3No
14.01.2024Boys 2017 A&B5vs51×20 min3No
20.01-21.01.2024Boys 2014 A&B7vs72×15 min3No
27.01-28.01.2024Boys 2013 A&B9vs92×15 min4Yes
03.02-04.02.2024Boys 2012 A&B9vs92×15 min4Yes
10.02-11.02.2024Boys 2011 A11vs112×17 min4Yes
17.02-18.02.2024Boys 2010 A11vs112×17 min5Yes
24.02-25.02.2024Boys 200911vs112×17 min5Yes
02.03-03.03.2024Boys 200811vs112×17 min5Yes

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The games take place in the first indoor football hall in Southern Estonia.

It is located in Tartu (Annemõisa 1a, 50708, Tartu).

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